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Project «Russian Gateways into the Globalized World» conducted by a group of scholars and students of the Independent University «National Institute — Higher School of Management» (NI-НSM) (rector V. Nechayev) under the supervision of professor Fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences  V. Sergeyev. The theoretical framework of research was developed by a group of experts, comprised of V. Sergeyev, V. Nechayev, professor FRSE  A. Kuzmin, associate professor A. Kazantsev. The conclusions are based on the following sources:

  • the comparative analysis of «thick descriptions» of the Non-Black Soil regions of the European part of Russia,
  • comparative studies of the megalopolises — «gateways into the globalized world» — completed on the ground of the model of globalization developed on the basis of approach introduced by O. Andersson and D. Andersson.

The «thick descriptions» of Russian regions were produced in the course of a vertically integrated process of collection and analysis of data by the analysts of NI-ASM regional network (A. Dozhdikov's and R. Evstifeyev's contribution should be specially acknowledged) under the supervision of the above mentioned group of experts with participation of NI-ASM readers and students.

The preliminary results of comparative studies were systemically discussed by the group of experts and the regional analysts in the course of 3 weekend workshops and 3 virtual seminars held with participation of well-known western scholars (R. Griffits — Leiden, the Netherlands, M. Dempster — Cambridge, Great Britain).

The outline of the findings of the project was presented at the IV All- Russian Political Science Congress (Moscow, October 2006).
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