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Project «Russian Gateways into the Globalized World»
In cooperation with National Institute «The Higher School of Management» for the Presidential Administration, the Government of RF and the State Duma of RF 2006-2007.

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Innovation Project for the Presidential Administration, the Government of RF and the State Duma of RF 2007.

Master Card Pre-paid debit cards programme in United Kingdom.

Payment infrastructure set-up through various payment and card services providers.

Establishment business operations and providing a range of Foreign exchange & payroll services into the European market 2006 — 2007.

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Arab Davos Project,
In cooperation with Lebanese International Business Associations’ Network (LIBAN)
Beirut, Lebanon, 2006-2007.

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Set-up of entities in Cyprus to carry out specific activities relating to FX deals, money transfers, investment in real estate and Collective Investment Schemes.
Cyprus. 2007.

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US corporate and international TAX solutions / US and International corporate financing.
In cooperation with Protax LLC Tax advisory.
New York 2007.

US Investment Schemes and life insurance solutions.
In cooperation with MetLife and Wealth Financial Group.
New York. 2005-2006.

Organizational consulting and training projects involving creation of a HR strategy, developing new ways of recruitment and personnel assessment as well as employees skills training.

Preparing and holding a competition for vacancies in the Centre of Strategic Research under the auspices of President of the Republic of Bashkortostan 2006.

Building a model of training on communication management for IT staff of HydroWGC 2006.

Preparing and launching of a set of educational seminars-trainings for employees of the offices of the European division of Cepter 2004-2007.

Conducting a series of project seminars on the issue «Main directions of the youth policies in Zelenograd for the year 2007».
In partnership with Department of Education of Administration of Zelenograd 2005.

Preparing and conducting a simulation exercise on the subject «Main principles of conception of recruitment, education and capitalization of the employees in VoHEC management company» 2004.

Preparing and conducting an educational training on the implementation of new management principles «Developing and introducing a mechanism of managing industrial assets of a hydroelectric power plant» for hydropower plants of Volzhsko-Kamsky cascade 2004.

Organizational consulting and training projects involving introduction of organizational and technological innovations as well as management of innovative activities.

DM Project «Innovations for Sustainable Development of the Republic of Tatarstan», World Bank, Russia.
Training on launching and managing innovative projects (for the winners of the competition organized by the World Bank within the framework of the program supporting innovative development of the Republic of Tatarstan) 2007.

Preparing a report on the main results of conducting an organizational simulation exercise on the issue of «Increasing efficiency of interactions between participants of investment operations in a company» JSC «Severstal» 2005-2006.

Organizational projects (preparing an IT strategy for businesses, introducing new information technologies, structuring work of IT departments).

Creating conception and organizing a conference on strategic planning in the form of a simulation game «Building corporate information system (CIS) for HydroWGC — co-organization of project teams and defining the principles of partnership with the world leading providers of IT solutions» 2007-2007.

A set of simulation games «IT strategy in the time of reform — the future of a unified IT environment)» Building the program of elaboration of the principles of IT strategy as well as mechanisms of its implementation. RAO «UES» 2005.

Organizational-consulting and training projects involving goal setting, defining priority tasks and directions of work for separate departments of big companies as well as reorganization of their internal structure and definition of the principles of interaction with other departments.

Conducting an organizational simulation exercise on the subject of «Main principles and organizational structure of financial and economic activity of JSC «FGC» 2006.

Preparing, organizing and conducting of an educational seminar for group of companies Severstal «The role of technical administration in a leading company, the technology of delivering organizational changes» 2005-2006.

Conducting a simulation exercise on the subject «Preparing a coordinated corporate strategy for PR departments within a single company Hydro WGC (for the department of external communications of Hydro WGC) 2005.

Organizational consulting projects involving initiation and further supervision of organizational, management and corporate changes in a company.

Conducting a simulation exercise in the form of consultation session on problems of re-projecting the system of production management in JSC «TGC-5» 2007.

Communicative session in the form of organizational simulation exercise «Coherent technical policy and decision-making on technical effects on power plants» «HydroWGC» Management company 2005-2007.

Conducting a simulation exercise «Programming of work of an industrial division: functional co-organization of the employees, coordination of goals and tasks» 2005-2007.

Preparing and conducting organizational simulation game «New type of relations „client- contractor“. Philosophy and practice of services in interactions between hydropower plants and maintenance companies»
«VoHEC» management company 2004.

Consultancy and methodological supervision of a program of organizational-management changes in HydroWGC: a series of simulation exercises and strategic meetings:
«Making of an industrial division within HydroWGC management company on the basis of industrial division of «VoHEC management company» 2004.

Organizational-consulting projects involving implementation of risk-management standards.

Organization and conducting of stress-testing in the form of simulation exercise (with elements of training): «Preparing electricity distribution company to working in a new transition model of the market: risks, scenarios, strategies, resources».
In partnership with NP ATS 2006.

Conducting a business simulation exercise on the subject of:
«System reliability during the transition to the competitive electricity market».
Sponsored by the Centre of Managing Refrom of RAO UES, for all newly established companies 2005.

Organizational-consulting projects concerning the problem of territorial development, organization of investment forums as well as forums for political negotiation.

Preparing and conducting a political negotiation simulation «Coherent policy of securing reliability of power grids infrastructure of energy supply in Orenburg Oblast». Sponsored by OrenburgEnergo  and Administration of the Orenburg Oblast 2006.

Organization of a series of conferences and forums: «Strategy of regional development and attracting investments in power generation» in the Southern Federal District, Far Eastern Federal District, Volga Federal District, North-Western Federal District, Central Federal District
In partnership with APBE sponsored by RAO «UES» 2005-2006.

«Team on the Top» — consultation-training projects aimed at coordinating the work of top-management of a company.

Preparing and conducting a training game on inventing and implementing scenarios of team work «Strategic identity of a top-managers' team of a big corporation» 2006-2007.

Organizational-consulting projects aimed at building of a strategic vision and defining strategic goals of a company.

Preparing and conducting of simulation exercise on the subject of «The main strategy and variation scenarios of building a leading electricity distribution company» MosEnergoSbyt 2006.

Developing projects involving educational organizational simulation exercises and preparing educational and training programs for companies.

Elaboration of an annual program of training education for the employees of the company «Sovremennye Technologii» and the implementation of the program 2003-2007.

Conduction of an educational simulation exercise:
«Russia's foreign policy in the Baltic region (Latvia) — analysis of the political situation within the framework of scenario?s approach». In partnership with Adenauer Foundation 2004.
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