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LIBAN was founded in October, 2000, as a nonprofit, nonpolitical association with the goals of reinforcing economic and commercial relations between young Lebanese businessmen in Lebanon and in countries of Lebanese emigration. Tapping into the talents of the diaspora is the best way to describe its activities. The group is operating in 25 countries around the world and aims at increasing that number by the year end.

LIBAN also has chapters in Cyprus and Switzerland, and is currently in talks about opening up shop in Iraq as well as expanding into the Arab Gulf countries, Jordan and Egypt.

The next chapter to open will be Jordan, and LIBAN is working in collaboration with Escwa to hold a regional conference in downtown Beirut.

LIBAN’s membership policy is the same for each country, bringing together 10 Lebanese businessmen and 10 locals.

LIBAN promotes as «a win-win situation» for members in terms of business, and the knock on effect for their respective economies.
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