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Political consulting

Expertica's Department for Politics employs talented political scientists and economists from the best universities and institutes around the world : Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO), Russian academy of sciences, Central European University of Budapest, Institute of Political Sciences of the Free University in Berlin, Sorbonne, Paris Institute of Political Studies (Science Po), Cambridge and Leiden Universities.

Our integrated best practices methodology and global framework for the delivery of our services, along with our global Intranet for global access to our tools, technologies, and knowledge bases, enhance cross-border synergies and collaboration and facilitates the use of global resources to better serve our clients.

The Department for Politics assists public and private structures on local and international levels by offering them integrated political consulting services, which include:

  • Consulting companies in their interaction with local, national and international political institutions;
  • Evaluating political risks in investing in Russia, CIS, Europe, and America;
  • Consulting about the «game rules» of private structures with governmental institutions (analyzing the institutional field and lobbyism);
  • Reputation management and accompaniment of political projects (including non-media communication)
  • Consulting private sector, accompaniment projects in the fields of education, science or culture.
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